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Our Trainers

Rider Coach Don Redding

A Gadsden County native, Don began riding dirt bikes through the trails on a75cc and 125cc progressing up from several 600cc bikes to a 1300cc Suzuki Hayabusa sport bike. Today, motorcycling remains his passion and when he’s not out teaching others to become better riders; he can be found working on community event with his motorcycle club or projects around the house.

Rider Coach David L. Salmon

David has been teaching motorcycle safety for 7 years now. An accomplished rider he started riding at an early age, riding dirt bikes at the neighbors property. As he grew his interest turned to riding a street bike and during his early high school days riding a small Kawasaki 250 was his preferred method of getting around town.Now David enjoys vacations and long weekends with his wife Nancy taking trips on the motorcycle. His passion for motorcycling continues and he loves to share that passion with others.

Rider Coach Trainee Billy J. Redding III

A passionate motorcyclist who began riding 7 years ago, BJ has been an instructor prep to become a MSF Certified Rider Coach since June 2016.

Rider Coach Trainee Don J. Redding II

A passionate motorcyclist who began riding three years ago, Don Jr. has been an instructor prep to become a MSF Certified Rider Coach since November 2014. He has focused his passion on helping others learn to ride safely so that they may share that same joy and respect for motorcycling that he enjoys.